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10:07pm 03/02/2005
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02:32pm 05/08/2003


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08:44pm 26/06/2003

Elwine, you liar! I jumped off the front step a few times, but it just wasn't steep enough for that satisfying squishy death.

So I climbed up into a tower with an umbrella.

And landed in a tuba. With an internet connection. I think it's the National Marching Corps of Ithilien.

It's sort of dark in here, and there's regular blasts of air up my ass. I'm becoming slightly constipated.

Help. Me.

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10:31am 21/06/2003

So you see... it wasn't my fault. I just walked into that room, I had no idea that maid was standing at the window behind the door. And when I saw her hanging off that ledge, I quick tied up a rope of sheets for her to be rescued with.

So my knot tying sucks.

I tried damnit.

No one will clean my room now though.

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06:36pm 27/05/2003


*snatches paperwork*

The world is a dangerous place. But I, Erchirion Swanhelm Gamgee, am smarter than it.

*lights small fire to keep warm*

A supply of Ho-Hos, some nicked corn in a can, a fire in the Ho-Ho box to keep war....a fire up the drapes to keep war-....a fire up the wall to keep war-...a fire on the ceiling, uh.

You never saw me here. *darts*

04:45pm 22/05/2003

Have my body back. But I have no idea where I am. The sign or the door says... *squints* Ummm... only Oompa Loompas past this point.

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05:54am 15/05/2003

Watch this! *idles, fades away, pops back in* A ghost can die of boredom, but they just pop back. I've been amusing myself with this for days.

*stills, fades away, pops back*

I wonder if this generates any paperwork. Heh. I'm going to see how many times I can die of boredom in one day! *slows, fades out, pops back* Wee.

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12:09am 12/05/2003

*haunts his mother for Mother's Day*

12:25pm 10/05/2003

*gets stuck in some water pipes*

*haunts someone's toilet*

*overflows the john*

06:40pm 08/05/2003

*haunts some wimpy looking daisies*

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10:00pm 06/05/2003

*rips through Gamgee Hall destroying what he can in a ghostly fit, before returning to Mandos. Neighbors for miles around can hear the commotion*

09:48pm 03/05/2003

*haunts* OOoOOoOOOooooOOooOoBOO!

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05:36pm 22/04/2003

If you angst and cry enough, you drop dead. Good to know. Someone should alert Eomer's crew. *wanders Mandos*

They've repainted since I was last here.

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Angst alert!   
01:06am 22/04/2003

What's wrong? He has the person he loves at his side, and he still asks that. :buries his face in his pillow and sobs:

01:35pm 21/04/2003

World hurts. Drinking bad. :whimpers: Underwear on backwards. Not asking. :pulls covers over head:

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01:01pm 20/04/2003

Beer me! *hic*

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Oh dear...   
12:31pm 18/04/2003

You would think a blind man wouldn't be so hard to capture. :eyes Elfwine: I don't think your head should rest at that angle. No, I'm pretty sure. Perhaps you should stop and fix it?

:rolls eyes: The undead can be so cranky.

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09:48pm 15/04/2003

If you want to wake up with that warm and cuddled feeling, don't fall asleep with a dead guy. Just saying.

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Oh, Mr. Mailman....   
09:36am 13/04/2003

Dear Eomer,

  Elphir is loose and probably heading your way. Just giving you a heads up or such. If possible, try not to kill himtoo much. Thanks. :)



I wonder how Elfwine will take it when he shows up and Elphir isn't with me. Maybe I'll tell him I sold Elphir to the circus in exchange for some magic beans.

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It runs in the family you know...   
03:38pm 12/04/2003

I assure you, it was a moment of insanity on my part. But yeah, there you go. Wandering towards Elfwine with the brother that hates me and raped me. Woo! It's a party. If I suddenly die or something, it's all his fault.

I wonder if Elfwine even realizes he's gone.

Got to reconnect with Bergil which was nice. He mentioned something about a show, and the more I think about it, the more this seems like a good idea. Could be another... you know, moment of insanity. Can you imagine? A skull in a jar, Amrothos with parakeet feathers stuck to his face, my mom- the incredible disappearing woman, Elphir all giddy because we're in one spot and easier to kill, Elfwine molesting his uncle for the camera, Lotheriel and her boyfriend- the prince of darkness and possibly her husband the horsefucker. Oh yeah. Looks like a ratings haul to me. Imagine if we were all armed as well.

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